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Send Jamie Sharp your knives and I will sharpen them!

I can get your wood carving knives, adzes and even kitchen knives razor sharp! I sharpen the edge up to 2000 grit with diamond pastes and chromium oxide compounds to leave a razor sharp edge with no burr.

We sharpen kitchen knives, butchers knives, wood carving knives, adzes and chisels.

We however do not sharpen serrated knives.

Prices are as follows:

$7 for wood carving knives

$7 for chisels

$10 for adze

$6 for kitchen/butchers knives up to 6"

$8 for kitchen/butchers knives up to 10"

Knives that need repairs such as flattening the bevel, removing nicks or scratches will be quoted and confirmed before work begins.


Call us at 604-814-4930 to arrange a drop off and pickup in the downtown Mission Area or e-mail us at to get shipping/packing instructions. Return shipping within Canada is typically $15 to $25 unless its exceptionally heavy or large.

If you would like to sharpen you own knives, we have a sharpening guide for wood carving knives and we also sell wood carving knife sharpening supplies below:

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