Jamie Sharp Knives

Simply the best wood carving knives

Razor Sharp Wood Carving Knives

Knives made by Jamie all come razor sharp, ready to carve amazing works of art right out of the box.

We believe each blade is an unique art piece and each blade is photographed individually with 3 pictures of every knife. The pictures you see are of the exact blade you will receive and all are available to be shipped immediately.

All knives and handles are proudly made in Canada, BC and our prices are in Canadian Dollars. We offer free shipping Canada wide on all orders of $90 or more!

North West Coast Style Carving Knives

northwest coast carving knives on a grid background

I stand behind my knives

I work tirelessly for you to create the sharpest and most durable carving knives and I stand behind my products with a 1 year warranty.

I want to be where you buy your next carving knife by selling only the best wood carving knives available on the market.

All blades are sharpened to 2000 grit with diamond abrasives. My knives are made from high carbon steel with added nickel for toughness and corrosion resistance. For proper care occasionally wipe the blade with mineral oil.

I understand that feel of the handle is a personal preference, so our handles come bare so you can apply the wood finish you like the feel of best or let you own hand oils naturally season the wood.

I can teach you how to make a carving knife and how to sharpen a carving knife in our new blog about Knife making.