1.4 inch straight adze, wood carving tool
1.4 inch straight adze, wood carving tool

Adze, 1.4" Wide

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1 3/8" Wide Wood Carving Adze

This straight adze blade is amazing for texturing, carving accurate flat planes and roughing the outside of masks and bowels. This straight (or flat) adze allows you to quickly remove tons of material with amazing control and precise cuts. It is often called the equivalent of a band saw on a stick while leaving the wonderfully smooth finish you expect from your carving knives.

The slight radius to the back of the adze allows you to switch from roughing to taking paper thin shavings just by changing the position you hold the adze at and hence the angle of the blade to your swing. The recessed corners on the adze keep them from digging into your work.

This wood carving adze blade is 1 3/8" wide and 6 1/4" long overall with a 1" wide tang.

This adze blade is made from 5/16" thick high carbon steel for the most demanding wood carving. The back has a smooth radius and the bevel is a single primary bevel at 20 degrees making it especially suitable for carving in cedar and other soft woods.

It is designed in the native northwest coast style of wood carving adze.