Hook Knife, 0.25" Radius, 1" Long

Hook Knife, 0.25" Radius, 1" Long

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One double edged single bevel hook knife in the northwest coast style of wood carving knives for sale. This style of wood carving tool is also known as a crooked knife, bent knife or spoon carving knife or bowl carving knife. The native northwest coast people have refined their wood carving tools over generations and these hook knives are the result.

Each knife is hand made and will vary slightly from the picture and listed dimensions.

This wood carving knife's blade is 1" long, 1/4" wide. The curve on this hook knife has a radius of approximately 1/4".

The knife's handle is 9" to 11" long, suitable for single or double handed use.

The hook knife's blade is made from 1/16" thick high carbon steel with nickel for added durability and corrosion resistance. It is epoxy cast into a recess carved into the handle and bound with tarred seine twine for extra strength in the traditional northwest cost style.

This hook knife is a great tool for hollowing out concave organic features, such as found on animals, faces and landscapes. The hook knife is wonderful for smoothing out tooling marks of smaller radius hook knives and can be used for spoon carving, carving masks, relief carving in plaques, chip carving, whittling, etc, while the tip can be used to get into areas that a straight wood carving tool like a typical straight knife, chisel or gouge could not reach due to obstructions.

This wood carving knife is made in Canada by hand, comes with a 1 year warranty and is available to ship immediately upon your purchase.